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Daiwa # Ninja Boat Interline

Fishing with interline rods is getting increasingly popular at sea fishing, since the interline cons..

106.65 € Be PVM: 88.14 €

Daiwa # Ninja Lake Trout

These delicate rods have been particularly designed for fishing in trout ponds with sbirulino and bo..

67.16 € Be PVM: 55.50 €

Daiwa # NINJA LT

The new Ninja LT is the sequel of the legendary Ninja A. The new Ninja LT convinces optically as wel..

51.52 € Be PVM: 42.58 €

Daiwa # Ninja X Carp 2-sec (New 2018)

With the Ninja X carp rods DAIWA offers very lightweight and premium carp rods at a great price-perf..

45.38 € Be PVM: 37.50 €

Daiwa # Ninja X Feeder

With the Ninja X feeder rods DAIWA offers a new series of premium feeder rods at a fully convincing ..

53.85 € Be PVM: 44.50 €


The Ninja X Light Jiggerspin features a tubular tip, resulting in an even and quick action, perfect ..

42.56 € Be PVM: 35.17 €

Daiwa # Ninja X Spin

The new DAIWA series with an exceptional priceperformance ratio. The slim high modulus carbon fiber ..

39.19 € Be PVM: 32.39 €


The ultra-light models of the Ninja X spinning rod series are equipped with a very sensitive spliced..

42.56 € Be PVM: 35.17 €

Daiwa # Powermesh Feeder

With the POWERMESH feeder rods, DAIWA offers a series of premium feeder rods at an astonishing price..

83.16 € Be PVM: 68.72 €

Daiwa # Powermesh Spin

- HVF™ Carbon fiber material - FUJI® Alconite guides - Ergonomic DAIWA reel seat - Premium EVA ha..

151.20 € Be PVM: 124.96 €

Daiwa # Procaster Trout (New 2018)

The Procaster series features very lightweight and well-balanced blanks with tip action. Depending o..

39.19 € Be PVM: 32.39 €

Daiwa # Prorex AGS

The DAIWA predator range Prorex of course also features a premium rod series, which is equipped with..

201.47 € Be PVM: 166.50 €

Daiwa # Prorex Baby Crank MR

These small mini plugs are nearly suitable for all kind of predators from trout to perch and za..

7.50 € Be PVM: 6.20 €

Daiwa # Prorex Baitcast

At modern spin fishing for predators baitcasting reels offer many advantages compared to fixed spool..

154.88 € Be PVM: 128.00 €

Daiwa # Prorex Classic Shad DF 10cm 6g

The new PX Classic Shad has completely convinced our team anglers during the testing phase - especia..

4.11 € Be PVM: 3.40 €