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The CXT series is a continuation of the Japanese direction at the Dragon company. In cooperation wit..
74,62 € be PVM: 61,67 €
Fast and sensitive insert-tip rods for perch and zander fishing. Strong blanks with progressive acti..
35,04 € be PVM: 28,96 €
Seven universal spinning rods for pike and zander fishing from the bank and from the boat, longer ro..
37,62 € be PVM: 31,09 €
We are able to built Dragon HM-X thanks to brand new technology which enables to connect graphites p..
328,91 € be PVM: 271,83 €
Great perch and zander insert-tip rods, being distinguished by fast action of the blanks and perfect..
28,91 € be PVM: 23,89 €
The set of six spinning rods which allow to choose proper equipment for fishing for pikes and zander..
31,52 € be PVM: 26,05 €
Black Rock II Spinning 1.98m 3-18g Length: 1.98m ; Casting weight: 3-18g ; Sections: 1 ; Transport ..
47,66 € be PVM: 39,39 €
Dragon Case for spare spools Top quality spool cases in two size: M and L. They feature stiff prote..
8,72 € be PVM: 7,21 €
Solidly sewn, stiffened with the foam, the bag which enables you for comfortable using from several ..
39,41 € be PVM: 32,57 €
Series of technically advanced rear drag reels. Equipped with all-new technology, including infiniti..
22,87 € be PVM: 18,90 €
Functional rod cases which can carry up to 4 rods with reels. Reinforced back, soft padded separatin..
23,61 € be PVM: 19,51 €
Spacious enough to carry up to 6 rods with reels. Reinforced back, soft padded separating walls, lon..
30,12 € be PVM: 24,89 €
Very portable bag for small accessories. In spite of its small sizes it can hold many useful accesso..
21,99 € be PVM: 18,17 €
Price competitive reel bag, big enough for size 70 spinning reel.DRAGON series Hi-quality Oxfor..
3,32 € be PVM: 2,74 €