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Symbian HX Tetra Spin 2.00m 5-25g Casting weight: 5-25 g Length: 2.00 m Sections: 2 Transport le..
39,69 € be PVM: 32,80 €
DISTANCE GROUND 3-pcs specimen rods for all leger methods, also for zander and eel fishing on dead b..
33,01 € be PVM: 27,28 €
Antris HTI Feeder Rods Heavier version of feeder rods. Strong, robust blanks are ready to cope with..
30,58 € be PVM: 25,27 €
JIG SPIN Spinn rods with very sensitive tip that indicates every delicate strike. Ideal for small an..
16,15 € be PVM: 13,35 €
MATCH Classic rods for English match method. There are three popular lengths with 20 g casting weigh..
30,47 € be PVM: 25,18 €
Method feeder is now very popular across Europe and it is great method to catch carp, bream and tenc..
26,08 € be PVM: 21,55 €
SMART SPIN Range of universal spinn rods with moderate action. Different lengths and casting weights..
15,23 € be PVM: 12,59 €
Wide range of universal spinn rods from 2,10 m to 3,00 m and different casting weight from 5 g to 40..
16,63 € be PVM: 13,74 €
TELE BOLO ZT Special long telescopic rod for Bolognese method.In our wide range you can find rod..
20,32 € be PVM: 16,79 €
TELE MATCH Telescopic version of match rods. Very compact and comfortable in transport. Ideal for me..
29,32 € be PVM: 24,23 €
Jaxon # Antris HTI Tele Pole, Basic Pole Nauja
TELE POLE Light, comfort and good balanced whips. Ideal for any float techniques with full length ri..
18,71 € be PVM: 15,46 €
TELE PRINCE Very popular model of telescopic rods for regular fishing. Two casting weight options. 2..
20,09 € be PVM: 16,60 €
Antris HTI Tele Slim 4.20m 5-25g Casting weight: 5-25 g Length: 4.50 m Sections: Tele Transport ..
32,32 € be PVM: 26,71 €
TELE TINO Light, universal float rods. Recommended for bream and roach fishing. Available in three p..
29,32 € be PVM: 24,23 €
TELE TRAVEL Universal and very short telescopic rods. Compact and comfortable in transport. Very g..
19,17 € be PVM: 15,84 €