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 Westin # Hollow Teez ST Nauja
For those anglers who only believe in deadbaits, the game is about to change. Westin’s HollowTeez is..
7,39 € be PVM: 6,11 €
 Westin # HypoTeez ST Nauja
Based on the hugely successful Westin Hypoteez, this new version of one of our most popular soft lur..
4,33 € be PVM: 3,58 €
 Westin # Mega Teez Nauja
Just like a mermaid the seductive look and extra-large tail of Westin Mega-Teez is irresistible. Eve..
6,27 € be PVM: 5,18 €
 Westin # Mini Teez Nauja
When used on a drop shot rig an interior air chamber will make sure Westin MiniTeez is held in a per..
12,95 € be PVM: 10,70 €
 Westin # Ricky the Roach SL/ST Nauja
Watch your speed with this incarnation of Ricky the Roach – the shorter tail allows a smooth and slo..
4,33 € be PVM: 3,58 €
 Westin # ShadTeez High (New 2018) Nauja
Puts other shads in the shadow, Shad Teez is perfected down to the smallest detail. The deep body, s..
4,11 € be PVM: 3,40 €
 Westin # ShadTeez Slim Nauja
This stunning big fellow puts other shads in its shadow. So perfectly detailed in every way, ShadTee..
5,13 € be PVM: 4,24 €
 Westin # Slim Teez Nauja
Vertical jigging in mid water is a method sweeping across Europe and gaining reputation as one of th..
13,07 € be PVM: 10,80 €
 Westin # Twin Teez Nauja
This fork tail body is ideal for vertical fishing. It has the perfect softness and movement to tease..
9,49 € be PVM: 7,84 €
Westin # BabyBite Nauja
This chunky little guy is like a snack-size candy bar for perch and bass. Both shallow runner (SR) a..
8,16 € be PVM: 6,74 €
Barry is back in town and he means business. This sinking hardlure made from the original Barry the ..
18,59 € be PVM: 15,36 €
Predator fishing really shouldn’t be this easy! Tie this beauty on your line and watch the water exp..
9,49 € be PVM: 7,84 €
A wicked bad-boy is ready to hit the sea fishing camps, the charter boats and all the fast boats out..
19,01 € be PVM: 15,71 €
Westin # BloodTeez (New 2018) Nauja
The humble bloodworm is part of the staple diet for just about every kind of fish - think of it as t..
4,79 € be PVM: 3,96 €
Be careful when tying this lure onto your line, he's such a lifelike crab that he may give your fing..
9,26 € be PVM: 7,65 €