Daiwa # Freams

Daiwa # Freams

Daiwa Freams - 2017m naujiena !!! Įpatingai lengvas ir griežtas kotas, puikiai tiks plėšrių žuvų gaudymui upėse. Puikiai subalansuotas kotas leidžia maksimaliai toli užmesti tiek voblerius tiek blizges.


The Freams series has been especially designed for fishing for sea trouts.
The extremely lightweight and fast blank (3,05m - 155g!) features an exceptional handling and enables permanent fatigue-free fishing. The tip section fully loads during the cast and catapults spoons from 20g to 30g to extremely long distances. The handle section offers enough power reserves to tire even big specimen. The V-Joint spigot joint in combination with the X45 blank construction cares for an optimal bending curve and targeted casts.

► HVF® carbon fiber blank
► X45® carbon fiber construction
► V-Joint® put-over joint
► Exlusive DAIWA® reel seat
► EVA handle
► Exclusive transportation holdall 



Freams 2.70m 5-35g
Length: 2.70m ; Casting weight: 5-35g ; Transp. length: 1,42cm ; Weight: 135g ; Section: 2

Freams 2.90m 5-35g
Length: 2.90m ; Casting weight: 5-35g ; Transp. length: 1,49cm ; Weight: 140g ; Section: 2

Freams 3.05m 5-35g
Length: 3,05m ; Casting weight: 5-35g ; Transp. length: 1,57cm ; Weight: 155g ; Section: 2

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2.70m 5-35g
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2.90m 5-35g
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3.05m 5-35g
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