IMAX # FR Surf-Lite Tripod 183cm 2-Rod 1sec

Nauja IMAX # FR Surf-Lite Tripod 183cm 2-Rod 1sec

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6ft (183cm) height
Supports 2 rods
Light weight, aluminium construction
Adjustable height rod cups
Lock legs for transportation
Paint finish for corrosion resistance

The Imax FR Surf Lite Tripod is a durable tripod designed to support your beach or surf casting rods. This tripod is 6 feet in height and is lightweight with a highly durable aluminium construction. The tripod is finished off with corrosion resistant paint for extra durability and protection against saltwater.

The rod cups can easily be adjusted in height and there is also a leg locking system to provide complete stability for your rods. The leg locking system also secures the tripod's legs to make it easier when you are transporting it from place to place. The base of the tripod legs all have sharp points to grip and penetrate the ground to secure in position. The Imax FR Surf Lite Tripod can hold two rods at one time and is silver in colour with the Imax logo.

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