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Prologic # C.O.M. Quick Release Landing Net 32

• Dviejų dalių anglies pluošto rankena 180cm • 32colių (81cm) • Greitos jungtys • Greitai ..

112.52 € Be PVM: 92.99 €

Prologic # Classic Carbon Landing Net 42

Light as a feather, strong as a rock. We have been looking for the best solution possible to combine..

53.23 € Be PVM: 43.99 €

Prologic # Cruzade Landing Net 42

Strong and reliable, this landing net is made with a composite carbon 180cm handle and super strong ..

27.82 € Be PVM: 22.99 €

Prologic # Multi Length Handle Landing Net

Multi Length Handle Landing Net Thanks to this new simple and reliable handle system, you can use..

72.59 € Be PVM: 59.99 €

Prologic # Zigger Landing Net 3.00m 3sec 42

We guess many of us have had problems while fishing with long Zig Rig when it was time to net the f..

145.19 € Be PVM: 119.99 €

Savage Gear # Pro Finezze Rubber Mesh Net 40x50x50cm Floating

Savage Gear Finezze graibštas su neskęstančiu rėmeliu ir giliu tinkleliu. Graibštas su neslidžia ran..

15.72 € Be PVM: 12.99 €

Savage Gear # Pro Folding Rubber Mesh Landign Net

Super strong, yet light weight foldable landing nets for all predator fishing. The nets fold away ne..

41.13 € Be PVM: 33.99 €

Scierra # C&R Net L (50x38x50 Deep)

Size 40x32x40cm deep Shake and dry mesh 55cm quality elastic cord, w/carbine lock Full welsh cork..

18.14 € Be PVM: 14.99 €

Scierra # Costal Alu Net Floating 48x60x75cm

The new Scierra net range has been developed with an uncompromising attention to materials and compo..

39.92 € Be PVM: 32.99 €

Scierra # Folding Salmon Net (65x70cm)

The Scierra Salmon Folding Net is part of the net programme to ensure a professional Catch and Relea..

41.13 € Be PVM: 33.99 €

Spro # Competition Canal Micro Nano Pannet

Featuring a snagless net material it has very low resistance in the water making it easy to handle. ..

15.74 € Be PVM: 13.01 €

Spro # Freestyle Drop Net

The ultimate dropnet. Traditionally drop nets are unpractical, they are large, heavy and difficult t..

32.32 € Be PVM: 26.71 €