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Daiwa # Infinity Sensor (New 2017)

With the Infinity Sensor DAIWA offers a Japanese high-performance line for carp fishing. This line p..

16.79 € Be PVM: 13.87 €

Daiwa # Super Shinobi

The Super Shinobi belongs to the most popular lines within sea trout anglers since many years. Now w..

5.35 € Be PVM: 4.42 €

DAM # Tectan Superior 150m

The protective layer with UV smooth surface that provides friction reduction high wet strength node..

3.30 € Be PVM: 2.73 €

DAM # Tectan Superior 25m

DAM Tectan Superior Monofilament - tvirtas, su padidintu atsparumu kliuviniams valas. Švelnus pav..

1.95 € Be PVM: 1.61 €

Gamakatsu # Super G-Line

As Super G-line Flex, also this is a great line made by highpolymer technology generated by an exqui..

8.39 € Be PVM: 6.94 €

Maver # Valas Maver Genesis Smart 150m nuolaidos kodas: MAVER

Maver # Valas Maver Genesis Smart 150m

Valas Maver Genesis Smart, tai vienas iš seniausiai gaminamų, ir puikiai užsirekomendavusių valų kur..

5.59 € Be PVM: 4.62 €

Maver # Valas Maver Monofilo Red Devil 150m nuolaidos kodas: MAVER

Maver # Valas Maver Monofilo Red Devil 150m

Valas Maver Monofilo Red Devil, puikiai tinka žvejybai kur reikalingas itin tolimas metimas. Dėl sav..

4.05 € Be PVM: 3.35 €

Maver # Valas Maver MV-R Carp Feeder 150m nuolaidos kodas: MAVER

Maver # Valas Maver MV-R Carp Feeder 150m

Valas Maver MV-R Carp Feeder - itin tvirtas, dvigubo pynimo monofilamentinis valas, kuris puikiai ti..

4.19 € Be PVM: 3.46 €

Momoi # Momoi PREMIUM

A connect-spooled nylon line born in order for the customers to casually use Momoi’s high quality li..

4.20 € Be PVM: 3.47 €

Okuma # Platinum 1kg 1100m 45kg 1.00mm Clear

High quality bulk spools of clear mono, suitable for all types of fishing. Ideal for spooling multip..

39.92 € Be PVM: 32.99 €

Quantum # Exofil

Exofil is a High Tech Monoline with a nano fluorocarbon surface coating, which creates an ultra smoo..

8.00 € Be PVM: 6.61 €

Quantum # Quattron Salsa 275m

Transparent red line with outstanding qualities. The red coloration, which makes the line easy to id..

4.28 € Be PVM: 3.54 €

Shimano # Exage

• Good value all round monofi lament mainline • Exceptional knot strength • Perfect for both fresh..

3.06 € Be PVM: 2.53 €


STROFT® GTM populiarus, kokybiškas monifilamentinis (paprastas). Jis net buvo pripažintas geriausiu ..

8.91 € Be PVM: 7.37 €

Stroft # Stroft ABR

The main emphasis when tuning STROFT ABR is attaining the line’s resistance to wear and abrasion. Th..

4.27 € Be PVM: 3.53 €