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Berkley # Cherrywood HD Quiver

The rods got stronger in this modern HD version as all guides became double leg, its still the sensi..

46.46 € Be PVM: 38.40 €


The 3 m (10’) Argon Method Feeder is the perfect rod for the highly popular modern Method fishing te..

51.76 € Be PVM: 42.78 €

Browning # Argon River Feeder (New 2018)

The four models in the Argon River Feeder series offer the ideal rod for every situation on rivers, ..

64.64 € Be PVM: 53.42 €

Browning # Black Magic SLF Feeder Distance

Excellent feeder rod set with an optimal price-performance ratio. The slimline, weight-saving SIC ri..

120.81 € Be PVM: 99.84 €

Browning # Black Magic SLF River Feeder MH

Excellent feeder rod set with an optimal price-performance ratio. The slimline, weight-saving SIC ri..

126.06 € Be PVM: 104.18 €

Browning # Black Magic® C-Distance II (New 2018)

The longer version of the Black Magic Competition feeder rods for fishing at extreme distances or on..

73.62 € Be PVM: 60.84 €

Browning # Black Magic® C-River M II (New 2018)

These are general purpose, "do anything", carbon feeder rods that will handle every form of feeder f..

91.48 € Be PVM: 75.60 €

Browning # Black Viper II MK12

Perfect for anglers needing a slightly stepped-up feeder rod, this deceptively powerful 12ft / 3.6m ..

124.78 € Be PVM: 103.12 €

Browning # Black Viper II MK13 Laikinai Nėra

Browning # Black Viper II MK13

We offer two different versions of the 13ft Black Viper rod. The standard MK13 has an average action..

141.48 € Be PVM: 116.93 €

Browning # Black Viper II MK14

Like the Black Viper MK13, the 14ft version is also available in two types. The standard Black Viper..

157.41 € Be PVM: 130.09 €

Browning # Black Viper II MK15

For extreme feeder situations, the Black Viper MK15 comes into its own: Despite its light weight and..

172.62 € Be PVM: 142.66 €

Browning # Champion‘s Choice Silverlite Feeder Pro (New 2018)

A rod series developed by professionals for professionals or those that aspire to become one. In vie..

200.40 € Be PVM: 165.62 €


An 11’/3/3m two piece rod with a stepped-up action specifically designed for fishing with method/pel..

75.63 € Be PVM: 62.50 €

Browning # Hyper Carp Method (New 2018)

Perfectly suited to fishing the "Method", this rod series is sure to find many passionate fans in no..

104.43 € Be PVM: 86.30 €

Browning # Jens Koschnick World Champion Feeder (New 2018)

Browning angler Jens Koschnick became team world champion and pairs winner with this rod series. The..

120.31 € Be PVM: 99.43 €