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Browning # Black Magic Competition Match

New, beautifully light actioned float rods designed for mixed fishing. Perfect for waggler fishing. ..

60.95 € Be PVM: 50.38 €

Browning # Sphere Hot Rod Silver Edition

A specialist rod carefully designed for catching small silverfish on light tackle, light lines and s..

257.72 € Be PVM: 212.99 €

Browning # Sphere Match

The Sphere Match rods, like all rods in the Sphere range, have been developed using the highest qual..

330.89 € Be PVM: 273.46 €

Browning # Sphere Pellet Waggler

By popular request, we have extended the Sphere float rod range to include an 11'/3.3m, 2 piece Pell..

297.12 € Be PVM: 245.55 €

Browning # Sphere Spliced-Tip River (New 2018)

Specialist match float rods from the Sphere range developed specifically for river fishing. Both rod..

368.13 € Be PVM: 304.24 €


High-end float rods! Not only feeder fishing is gaining popularity, but also float fishing gets mor..

48.50 € Be PVM: 40.08 €

Cormoran # Distance Match

CORMORAN DISTANCE MATCH Match rod 3-sec., casting weight 5-25g An excellent price-performance ra..

46.30 € Be PVM: 38.27 €

Cormoran # Sportline Float & Trout

"High Density Glassfiber Composite" technique also for our most affordable rods! Float rods for c..

28.15 € Be PVM: 23.27 €

Daiwa # Aqualite Power Float

Slim blanks with high resilience and strong backbone. Ideal for fishing with float. The size of the ..

87.40 € Be PVM: 72.23 €

Daiwa # Aqualite Power Match

Classical match rods with narrow guides and first-class workmanship. Ideally suited when heavy waggl..

63.79 € Be PVM: 52.72 €

Daiwa # Aqualite Sensor Float

Coarse Fishing Rods. With these light rods for fishing with float every fight promises pure delight..

80.37 € Be PVM: 66.42 €

Daiwa # Procaster Trout (New 2018)

The Procaster series features very lightweight and well-balanced blanks with tip action. Depending o..

42.46 € Be PVM: 35.09 €

DAM # Hypron Match 1-15g 3sec

Lightweight match rods with an elegant appearance and many, small guides, ideal for float fishing wi..

22.98 € Be PVM: 18.99 €

Dragon # Dragon Mega Baits BLACK SHADOW Match

Light and slim and at the same time very strong match rods. Easy cast the float on long distance and..

69.93 € Be PVM: 57.79 €