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Daiwa # Compass Mobile Telepole (New 2018)

Telescopic short-sectioned pole rod. Thanks to the short sections of only 40cm these carbon fiber r..

26.56 € Be PVM: 21.95 €

Daiwa # Sweepfire T

Pole set without guides.  Pole set, consisting of a glass fiber pole and a ready rig with hook..

10.44 € Be PVM: 8.63 €

Jaxon # Antris HTI Tele Pole, Basic Pole

TELE POLE Light, comfort and good balanced whips. Ideal for any float techniques with full length ri..

20.01 € Be PVM: 16.54 €

Jaxon # Arcadia Tele Pole

TELE POLE TX Another range of easy to use whips for all small and medium size fish: roach, bream and..

5.38 € Be PVM: 4.45 €

Jaxon # Float Academy Alborella

ALBORELLA Next rod for match anglers. These short, very fast whips are ideal for quick fishing in sh..

20.47 € Be PVM: 16.92 €

Jaxon # Float Academy Crystal Pole

Put over rods (long poles) CRYSTAL POLE Float fishing is very popular in many countries. Many ang..

40.13 € Be PVM: 33.17 €

Jaxon # Float Academy Tele Pole GTX & GTM

TELE POLE GTX Good balanced whip series. Reinforced blank with spiral wrap in handle and lower secti..

28.98 € Be PVM: 23.95 €

Jaxon # Genesis PRO Dominator

Put over rods (long poles) DOMINATOR Top class Jaxon poles. Stiff and balanced action. Centre of ..

52.23 € Be PVM: 43.16 €

Jaxon # Genesis PRO Limited Pole / Tele Pole

Genesis PRO Whips Some people think that using whips is very easy. It is not fully true, like other..

57.28 € Be PVM: 47.34 €

Jaxon # XT-PRO Limited Edition Pole

XT-PRO Limited Edition Pole Highest quality range. Spinning rods and whips dedicated to the most de..

128.82 € Be PVM: 106.46 €

Jaxon # Zaffira Pole

Zaffira Pole 3.00m Length: 3.00 m Sections: 3 Transport length: 1.14 m Weight: 110.00 g Zaffi..

5.40 € Be PVM: 4.46 €

Jaxon # Zaffira Pole TX

Zaffira Pole TX 4.00m Length: 4.00 m Sections: 4 Transport length: 1.27 m Weight: 208.00 g Za..

11.73 € Be PVM: 9.70 €

Maver # Sportinė meškerė Maver Ambra SL nuolaidos kodas: MAVER

Maver # Sportinė meškerė Maver Ambra SL

Sportinė meškerė Maver Ambra SL, tai dar viena sportinė meškerė, pagaminta Italijoje Reglass gamyklo..

103.00 € Be PVM: 85.12 €

Maver # Sportinė meškerė Maver Falcon Fast nuolaidos kodas: MAVER

Maver # Sportinė meškerė Maver Falcon Fast

Sportinė meškerė Maver Falcon Fast, Tai itin lengvi ir puikiai subalansuoti meškerykočiai be žiedeli..

62.00 € Be PVM: 51.24 €