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The usage and acceptance of multi-piece travel rods for spin fishing is increasing steadily, since more and more elaborate manufacturing technologies and rod designs enable the production of multi-piece rods, which resemble very much two-sectioned rods when it comes to actions and bending curves. The high charges for the transport of rod pipes additionally support this trend. Beyond their very lightweight blank the foursectioned Lexa travel rods offer a perfect balance and a fast tip action. The usage of X45 carbon fiber material reduces blank twists during the cast and enables long casting distances. 
The perfect rod, when you want to travel with small luggage.

Lexa Travel Spin 2.40m 15-40g
Length: 2.40m ; Casting weight: 15-40g ; Transp. length: 0,68cm ; Weight: 155g ; Section: 4

Lexa Travel Spin 2.40m 30-60g
Length: 2.40m ; Casting weight: 30-60g ; Transp. length: 0,68cm ; Weight: 160g ; Section: 4

Lexa Travel Spin 2.70m 15-50g
Length: 2.70m ; Casting weight: 15-50g ; Transp. length: 0,75cm ; Weight: 170g ; Section: 4

Lexa Travel Spin 2.70m 30-60g
Length: 2.70m ; Casting weight: 30-60g ; Transp. length: 0,75cm ; Weight: 175g ; Section: 4

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2.40m 15-40g
122.53 €
2.40m 30-60g
127.50 €
2.70m 15-50g
127.50 €
2.70m 30-60g
131.81 €