DAM # Shadow Tele Mini Spin

DAM # Shadow Tele Mini Spin

The Shadow Tele Mini Spin rods have one characteristic feature that makes them so popular for many years. An incredible short transport length, which makes them perfectly suitable as travel rods or if fishing is not priority one on a day hiking in nature. To avoid frustration because of missing a rod if a great new fishing spot is found, the Shadow Tele Mini Spin rod should always be in the backpack.

The new 2.70m model is the long awaited and often requested addition to this range. A timeless design and the use of quality components makes these rods a pleasure to fish.

- Durable, slim and light weight TC24 carbon blanks
- High grade full cork handle
- Black reelseat and guides
- Black anodized metal parts

DAM Shadow Tele Mini Spin 2.10m 5-15g
Length: 2.10m ; Casting weight: 5-15g ; Transport length: 0.38m ; Sections: TELE ; Weight: 119g

DAM Shadow Tele Mini Spin 2.40m 7-20g
Length: 2.40m ; Casting weight: 7-20g ; Transport length: 0.43m ; Sections: TELE ; Weight: 136g

DAM Shadow Tele Mini Spin 2.70m 15-40g
Length: 2.70m ; Casting weight: 15-40g ; Transport length: 0.42m ; Sections: TELE ; Weight: 167g

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  • 39.59 €
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2.10m 5-15g
39.59 €
2.40m 7-20g
44.88 €
2.70m 15-40g
54.78 €