The main task of Larva spinning rods is to bring maximum positive emotions to those who love fishing in the light and ultra-light classes. Fanatik Larva spinning rods are assembled on light and clear blanks.

Equipped with K-system rings - a concept similar to Fuji,

The spaced compact handle, made of EVA material with a compression nut in the form of a carbon tube, will provide the most comfortable hold of the tackle.

Spinning Larva does not have a narrow focus in the types of spinning fishing.

The fisherman will feel equally comfortable with such lures as: micro jig, light jig, small spinning lures, mini wobblers

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  • Pristatymo terminas: 2-3d.d
  • 65.40 €
  • Be PVM: 54.05 €
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2.13M Lure 0.5-6g
65.40 €
2.20M Lure 1-8g
65.90 €
2.38M Lure 2-12g
67.40 €
2.55M Lure3-15g
70.00 €