The W10 Spin is designed specifically for the devoted seatrout angler, these rods are unlike any other spin rods out there. The W10 Spin series pushes performance to unprecedented levels. The high-performance slim blank provides responsive touch and balance in combination with unmatched strength and lightness. With a W10 Spin rod you can cast to the horizon and at the same time maintain incredible lure control – qualities that will improve your seatrout fishing significantly.

The Westin W10 leverages the absolute latest design and technological advancements to provide cutting-edge performance that can\'t be found anywhere else. Each blank is handcrafted with X5 carbon layer technology and 4-axial woven carbon reinforcement on the outer layer for superior action, ultimate sensitivity and maximum strength. Thanks to TORAYCA® \'Nanoalloy® 55TON\' by Toray®, high modulus carbon and the newest nano resin technology from Toray we have been able to develop a rod with unmatched strength and sensitivity while maintaining light weight and durability. In our production facility, the rods are manufactured according to the highest level of quality control, each blank is individually strength tested before release. The Westin W10 rods feature a Fuji® non slip reel seat, tangle free, top of the line, Fuji® Titanium Torzite® guides and Seaguide® stainless hook-keeper. The lightweight G-Hyper carbon handle is custom designed for extreme grip and comfort – both in cold weather and during hot summer days. The Westin W10 rods will give you a distinct advantage on the water.

Handle: Custom designed G-Hyper carbon handle
Reel: Fuji® SKS, rubber coated
Hood: 360° custom designed screw-down with 1k woven carbon reinforcement
Guides: Tangle free Fuji® Titanium Torzite® K guides
Blank: Toray® TORAYCA® \'Nanoalloy® 55TON\' and X5 carbon layer technology
Blank color: Matt black with 4-axial carbon reinforcement
Joint: 4-axial and 1K carbon reinforced spigot joint
Hook-keeper: Seaguide® Stainless DHOOK
Custom made rubber gimbal, non-slip design
Low-profile guide wrappings
Delivered in Pentagon Cordura tube and velvet rod bag
Unique serial number on each rod

ROD WESTIN W10 SPIN 2SEC | 9'2" / 2.75M | ML | 5-24G

Casting weight: 5-24 g
Length: 275.00 cm
Sections: 2
Transport length: 144 cm
Weight: 151.00 g

ROD WESTIN W10 SPIN 2SEC | 10' / 3.00M | M | 7-28G

Casting weight: 7-28 g
Length: 300.00 cm
Sections: 2
Transport length: 156 cm
Weight: 166.00 g

ROD WESTIN W10 SPIN 2SEC | 10'2" / 3.05M | MH | 10-34G

Casting weight: 10-34 g
Length: 305.00 cm
Sections: 2
Transport length: 159 cm
Weight: 170.00 g

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ROD WESTIN W10 SPIN 2SEC | 9\'2" / 2.75M | ML | 5-24G
662.84 €
ROD WESTIN W10 SPIN 2SEC | 10\' / 3.00M | M | 7-28G
662.84 €
ROD WESTIN W10 SPIN 2SEC | 10\'2" / 3.05M | MH | 10-34G
662.84 €