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Graibštai - tinkleliai
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Beginner landing net at a fantastic price. For very little money, anglers here can get a landing net..
8,05 € be PVM: 6,65 €
Affordable landing net with functional strong aluminum hinge and anodized telescopic landing net han..
15,14 € be PVM: 12,51 €
Lightweight but very strong landing net with massive aluminum hinge and anodized telescopic landing ..
21,85 € be PVM: 18,06 €
Strong foldable landing net with one-piece massive aluminum hinge and „gun smoke“ anodized landing n..
26,47 € be PVM: 21,88 €
Ultra-strong foldable landing net with one-piece massive aluminum hinge and telescopic landing net h..
31,94 € be PVM: 26,40 €
Big Fish Landing Net Head with micro mesh net Solid landing net for feeder fishing and big fishes w..
14,80 € be PVM: 12,23 €
Round special landing net with aluminium frame and 5m rope. Very good to use if you cannot reach the..
24,59 € be PVM: 20,32 €
If time is of utmost importance – strong landing net for spin fishing with strong aluminum hinge and..
22,28 € be PVM: 18,41 €
This classic wooden wading landingnet isdesigned for use on the coast. Made of highquality wood and ..
32,66 € be PVM: 26,99 €
Lightweight aluminum fly net with a foamgrip, rubberized net and… a magnet clip.When the angler need..
18,14 € be PVM: 14,99 €
Thanks to the strong and nearly invisible mono-material that is used for these nets, hooks can be re..
19,35 € be PVM: 15,99 €
Top modern, lightweight and stable wading net with floating cork handle. ..
15,72 € be PVM: 12,99 €
Pentagonal landing nets with clamp mount and folding basket Perfect transport solution, greatly red..
28,75 € be PVM: 23,76 €
Used in Dragon landing nets no-knot nylon line fabric reduces to a minimum possibility of fish or sk..
33,90 € be PVM: 28,02 €
Folding arms, soft and dense net, lengths 175 cm (92-24-175) and 220 cm (92-24-220).makroFolding..
16,46 € be PVM: 13,60 €