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Over the last few years, more and more anglers are prepared to travel to catch fish, and that's why ..
54,87 € be PVM: 45,35 €
The Venturi series of rods delivers on-the-water performance and style in a balanced, lightweight de..
36,24 € be PVM: 29,95 €
The Verdict series is engineered for anglers looking for the fastest actions with the lightest tips...
108,05 € be PVM: 89,30 €
Graphite Technology delivering remarkable value. Lightweight, responsive carbon composite constructi..
56,00 € be PVM: 46,28 €
QLT with a ultra low resin hi performance carbon blank, special no tangle guides and a high end eva ..
121,86 € be PVM: 100,71 €
Short-sectioned and very affordable all-round rods for beginners and for occasional anglers. These r..
12,56 € be PVM: 10,38 €
Short-sectioned spinning- and all-round rods, which are characterized by their good transportability..
13,49 € be PVM: 11,15 €
Short-sectioned spinning and all-round rods with harmonic bending curve and fast action. The guide a..
26,45 € be PVM: 21,86 €
Short-sectioned and lightweight spinning rod for fishing for perch and trout.The evolution of fi..
18,11 € be PVM: 14,97 €
With the Ballistic X Ultra-Light and Light spinning rods DAIWA offers a series of premium and extrem..
92,13 € be PVM: 76,14 €
These two rods have been especially developed for fishing with big and heavy softplastic lures and s..
150,52 € be PVM: 124,40 €
The new Crossfire series convinces with all its features. The broad model range with many different ..
32,48 € be PVM: 26,84 €
Very strong and powerful rods for fishing for catfish at the Ebro River in Spain, the Po Basin in It..
89,14 € be PVM: 73,67 €
A fantastic rod for the demanding fishing for lacustrine brown trout and sea trout. The slim blank o..
77,52 € be PVM: 77,52 €
EXCELER SPIN 10-20g / 10-25g  These lightweight and short Exceler rods are the perfect choice ..
56,76 € be PVM: 46,91 €