Prologic # Quad-Rex Rod Pod 3 Rods

Nauja Prologic # Quad-Rex Rod Pod 3 Rods

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Full high-grade aluminum construction, four legs plus two extra extension legs makes the Quad-Rex rod pod able to face any European water. The aluminum construction, combined with the calibrated dimensions and the opening angle of the legs provide ultimate stability but keeping an extremely light weight, two essential points for any serious carp angler.

Available in 3 and 4 rods version, it is supplied with a compact and functional carry bag.

Full High-Grade aluminum construction
Supplied with two extra extension legs (85cm to 150cm)
Twin tubes main frame (adjustable from 85cm to 145cm)
Available in 3 and 4 rod version
Sliding rear buzzer bar connection
Carry bag included
Five possible opening position for the legs
Total weight only 4,6kg

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