Prologic # Quasar Pod n Goalpost Kit 3rods

Nauja Prologic # Quasar Pod n Goalpost Kit 3rods

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Four 3K carbon telescopic banksticks 30-55cm
Four 3K carbon telescopic banksticks 12-20cm
Four black anodized aluminium adaptors
Two 3K carbon buzzer bars
High grade stainless steel central block
Carry bag included
Bag Dimensions: 42cm x 22cm x 6cm

The re-definition of a multi-functional rod pod from Prologic. Our new Quasar pod ngoal post kit take the best from both worlds rod pods and banksticks, and combine them together. This is a product that can be used in many different ways, depending on your personal choice or the swim you are fishing, providing endless set-up options all in a very compact and lightweight system to carry around. It can be used as a traditional goal post system using the bankstick length of your choice between the two sizes provided, or, if you need some extra stability or fishing from a wooden stage you can use the central block, made in high grade stainless steel to connect the 4 longer bankstick and create a proper ultra-stable rod pod.

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