Prologic # SLP Rod Pod 4 Rods

Prologic # SLP Rod Pod 4 Rods

High grade aluminum body, the SLP (self leveling pod) rod pod features a new legs adjusting system that will make rod pod positioning easy and fast like never before.

Once in your swim you just need to open the rod pod legs and press the button placed on the main frame knob, moving then the rod pod body in the direction you want to place it correctly, the legs will extend and shorten themselves. Once you have placed the rod pod in the position you want just release the button, job done!

Three and four rods available
Full high grade aluminum body
Carry bag included
SLP adjusting system
Extendable legs from 45cm to 80cm
Extendable main frame from 70cm to 123cm
Quick release connections for buzzer bars
Adjustable goal post bars from 19cm to 27.5cm
Total weight 3.36Kg for the three rod version and 3.5Kg for the four rod version

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Prologic SLP Rod Pod 4 Rods
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