STROFT # Color Black 25m

STROFT # Color Black 25m

2015 metų NAUJIENA !!! Matinis spalvotas aukščiausios kokybės monofilamentinis valas. Idealiai tinka žvejojant žiemą ant ledo ir kitai žūklės atvejais kai reikalingas gerai matomas valas. Labai elastingas su maksimaliu tamprumu ir dideliu patvarumu.


Stroft Color is a fantastic line used in ice fishing,  lure fishing and spinning where fishing poor light condition a colored line  helps fishermen. From a while this line started to be used in fly fishing, especialy in nymphing with very long leaders. Is used a 5-8m of colored line from fly line to tippet to increase the visibility. Also parts of colored Stroft line is used in leader recipe for the same reason. 

Technical Details

premium fishing line
high technology used in fabrication of this polyamide fishing line
100% resistant at knots
mono filament-Polyamide alloy type of material
yellow opaque color
optimized to provide highest visibility
supple enough with high tensile strength

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