Length: 16.00 cm

CRIMPER is a practical helper for every fisherman who prefers to make handmade montages. CRIMPER will help you when making all end montage when there is needed to use fluorocarbon or wire for making strong loops. The jaws of the pliers have one wider and deeper opening and one which is shallower. Rig crimp is pinned in 6 points since on a side of the jaws has indentation. This is why you do not need to worry about its stiffness when you fish for carps or predators. The depth of the crimp jaws is 9mm. With the total length of 16cm, the arms of the pliers are almost 13cm long thanks to which the level is really strong. The handle is rubberized for better grasp. On the both arms of the handle there are openings for passing the line through. The arms are in black and orange colour so that they are visible in the darkness or in the situations when you need to find them very quickly. Technical parameter: Length: 16cm Width: 5,5cm The depth of the jaws: 9mm Weight: 200g

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