Length: 203 mm
Length inch: 8.00 inch
Quantity: 1 pcs.

Soft baits Easy Shiner 8 inch combines the body of the Shad Impact with the fantastic tail action of the Swing Impact. These versatile swim baits come in three sizes to match any fishing conditions. Keitech`s original two-tone color injection process uses different types of salted plastics to achieve fantastic balance and action. These baits can be fished many ways. The 3” works great on a small Super Round Jig head and the drop shot. The 4” has produced outstanding results on the jig head, Texas Rigged and the Alabama rig. Lots of big fish are coming flipping the 5” and on the Carolina and Alabama Rigs. The Easy Shiner 8 inch has a wide-wobbling rolling action that drives predator fish wild!

Keitech Easy Shiner 8 inch Features:
- Natural swimming action
- Specific plastics densities for better balance and action
- Custom Keitech 2-tone color process
- Strong squid scent

Product details:
- Rigged on a Keitech Super Round Jig head takes shaky head fishing to the next level.
- Adding a bullet weight to your Texas Rigged Easy Shiner makes it completely weedless.
- Keitech`s innovative, tournament tested swim tail gives the Easy Shiner incredible action.
- The small hook slots on both the top and bottom of the Easy Shiner indicate the perfect rigging position.
- Life-like swimming action is achieved through the finely cut sharp tail. The Easy Shiner swims perfectly, even at the slowest speeds.

Weightless Texas Rig - Texas rig on a wide-gap offset hook and work the Easy Shiner slowly around and over cover

Jig Head Rig - This method is Super-effective year round. Fish the Easy Shiner on the straight retrieve or tick the cover for ferocious strikes. The Easy Shiner is quickly becoming the bait of choice on the Alabama Rig

Texas Rig - Texas rig the Easy Shiner for a more weedless presentation. Flip weed beds and heavy cover:

Carolina Rig - This is where the Shiner really shines. The Easy shiner will swim seductively at the slowest speeds. Add a split shot or Carolina rig to probe deeper structure

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