Katapultos, laidynės

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MIDDY # Catapults Middy

The tackle of each advanced angler specialising in catching whitefish should include professional ca..

8.83 € Be PVM: 7.30 €


The Match Pult has been purposely designed for natural baits like maggots, casters as well as meat o..

13.17 € Be PVM: 10.89 €

Stonfo # Aluminium Catapults 339

Aluminium catapults with unbreakable anatomic plastic handle. Designed to deliver a large quantity o..

11.75 € Be PVM: 9.71 €

Stonfo # Catapults Fionda Maxi

Aluminium catapults with anatomic plastic handle and soft rubber groundbait pouch. Designed to deliv..

15.54 € Be PVM: 12.84 €

Stonfo # Catapults Fionde Pro Match

Competition catapults with soft touch handle. Allow maximum precision with a minimum quantity of bai..

8.79 € Be PVM: 7.27 €

Stonfo # Catapults X Series

Catapult X series Short distance(405) - designed for surface fishing at short distances. Allows maxi..

7.97 € Be PVM: 6.59 €